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Off track Thoroughbred mare. First two photos taken on her first ride here. Second set of photos taken six rides later.


Miniature Horses

Prince Charming and his three ladies Faith, Hope and Classy arrived in December 2014.

Update 2/1/15: Charming is now a gelding! And he has been busy packing on the pounds...

Faith & Hope have been re-homed and are looking gorgeous!


In June we received a call from a gentlemen who found a horse tied behind an abandoned barn. The horse was alone and had what he could reach on a 10' line to eat, with no consistent water source. He told me that the horse would be caught up in his ropes, laying down and needed to be untangled every time that he drove by. Thanks to him, Keller ended up here. We discovered that he was blind. He had abscesses in all four hooves, rope burn on his legs and ankles, he had trouble urinating from dehydration and he was thin. Although thank-fully not as thin as I'd feared, after hearing his story over the phone.


Update: Keller has been seen by the vet, the farrier, the dentist, the chiropractor and a whole lot of love. He is now beginning to pony down the trail to re-gain muscle and work towards becoming a trail horse again. He was broke to ride (at some point) and with his gentle, trusting nature we are sure that he will become a trail horse again despite his loss of sight.

September 2014

Update: Keller has been re-homed and is now the patient best friend of a loving young girl. 


Pretzel is a super cute sweet Arabian cross pony that was an animal control seize. After time and training under saddle here Miss Pretzel found the job of her dreams.  She is now spoiled and loved on by her very own little girl.

 Four months later



An update from Pretzel's new home! 




 Echo May 2014 




 Flash before:


Flash six weeks later and ready to start training.



March 2013

May 2013


Lyric and her buddies arrived in 2012 due to their owners inability to afford the high hay prices that winter will bring.  She is a sweet filly.  After a good de-worming, farrier visit and a visit from the dentist she and her pasture mates will begin training and should be ready to begin their search for new homes early 2013.


Ten weeks later & ready to look for her new home!



Jubilee is a twelve year old Appaloosa gelding.  He was standing in a small paddock in the woods, knee deep in mud when I picked him up.  Jube appears to have had bouts on lamanitis on and off over the past year, due to his neglected condition and sugary feed.  He is a tough horse, despite everything his vet, farrier and I feel that he'll make a sound enough recovery to be a trail horse. 


Jubilee ten weeks later...

 Jubilee has been re-homed!  He is a spending life as a trail horse and pasture mate.


"The un-rideable"


First 30 days:

"Doesn't ride outdoors"


Poor, sweet Thoroughbred filly. 2011.


Caspian arrived in late 2010.  He is an appendix Quarter Horse gelding needing some TLC.  Caspian is a super sweet gelding who will be an excellent first horse prospect.  His stifles prevent him from competing but that wont stop him from being the perfect trail mount.

One week after he arrived:

Caspian in his new home spring of 2011 :) 

Molly & Levi

Molly is a lovely Haflinger mare who is blind in one eye.  She came to us in 2010 with her yearling son, Levi.  Molly had been to a series of trainers with her former owner and her former owner was repeatedly told that there would be no use for Molly, "she would never be able to learn to ride or to drive." Molly did not require anything more than a little patience.

Her new owner is continuing to use Molly for both riding and driving.

An update from Molly's new home!

Princess Puchi

"Zavrina" is a Thoroughbred mare who spent the first five years of her life confined to a stall.  The "you are actually a horse" life took some major adjusting on her part!  Zavrina had to learn everything from how to actually communicate in a herd to what fences were to seeing far distances for the first time.  From there we began basic ground work and teaching this easily excited, flighty Thoroughbred mare everything that she should know.  Slowly we introduced her to walks down the road to see even more of the world and worked right on up to becoming a trail horse.  Zavrina did her best to 'pay us back' in 2012 when she took on the task of raising her sisters orphaned colt as her own filly. Today, Zavrina is schooling dressage with her owner.

2010"Before" - 


2013 -  


Zavrina & her babies


This is Havanna.  A palomino Quarter Horse mare.

Feburary 2010

 One month later:

My Black Cat

Kitty is a gorgeous black Thoroughbred mare.  She was previously a 4-H horse, came in need of weight, de-worming, farrier care and a visit from the dentist.  Kitty has moved on to live with Culver Academies black horse troop.


Ceda before:

And after:


Poco Capree & Black Moon

Moon & Capree were two APHA fillies that were very un-handled when they arrived.  After a heavy de-worming to take care of the "friends" that came with these two, we did a lot of ground work.  With in a couple of weeks they were able to be haltered, lead, groomed and finally - stand for their first farrier visits.  Moon went on to become a brood mare and Capree went with another girl as a 4-H project.


Dahlia is a been there-done that older Quarter Horse mare.  She is a super family horse candidate.  Dahlia came here in 2009 needing some groceries and treatment for her serious rain rot.

 Lookin' better already just a couple weeks in!


Okeka's Annie


Mini mare before

Mini mare after!


A super sweet blue eyed Haflinger mare who found her way to us in 2009...

Eight weeks later


An update from Sapphire's new home!

Sand Stone Cougar

Nov. 2008

Feb 2009


Nov. 2008

Feb. 2009 

Wackem Bruno

In 2008 a friend and I had a soft spot for this thin Thoroughbred gelding who was kept at the boarding facility where she kept her horse.  He was one of the several under weight horses at this facility.